Ficus Techniques : 13

Grafting A Ficus Benjamina

Tom Simonyi, bonsai teacher and Ficus lover, sends photos of a Ficus benjamina that began life as two separate five foot tall nursery plants. About ten years ago the two trees were grafted together at the base to form a twin tree design.

In the summer of 2003 a trunk reduction was performed lowering the tallest tree's height to 17 inches, leaving no branches or foliage. Six months later both trunks sprouted back from the bare trunk, as seen in the first photo. The second photo shows the trees two years later in 2005.

Grafted Ficus benjamina after reduction and resprouting, 2003.


The tree two years later.


Grafting figs can be a valuable technique to improve a bonsai. It is a time consuming task and takes a bit of knowledge to be successful. For more information on grafting click here , here , and here .

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