Ficus Techniques : 44

Virtual Images of Ficus

by Jerry Meislik

My good friend and Ficus lover, Peter Plantec of Colorado, is a man of many talents. He is an author, graphic designer, photographer, and of course bonsai and Ficus lover. His website can be viewed by clicking here. Peter also grows Ficus trees in his bonsai collection.

Although trained as a psychologist he has pursued other fields including working with art in the gaming industry and in a software development company. Peter is probably best known throughout the world in the cinematic and graphics industry as an expert in the field of virtual people and has written a classic text on this subject called " Virtual Humans".

Anyway, Peter has been doing some images using software from Vue as well as SpeedTree. I think the images are quite wonderful.

Thanks to Peter for being a great artist and for sharing his works with us.

Ficus banyan with aerial roots, virtual

Ficus banyan with aerial roots, virtual

Marvelous bark texture even if not classic Ficus bark, virtual

Ficus banyan with aerial roots, virtual

Pine bonsai - virtual


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