Ficus Techniques : 53

Making Aerial Roots Consistent With the Design

by Jerry Meislik

Aerial roots are one of the most fabulous and interesting features of many Ficus. To read more about aerial roots click here. All aspects of a bonsai's design should add to the overall impression of the bonsai. Inconsistent features will detract from the impression of the tree. Aerial roots while in and of themselves a wonderful aspect of Ficus can be distracting or inconsistent.

Dustin Mann, indoor bonsai lover and grower from Michigan, loves his Ficus. He especially is smitten with large and tapering bonsai trunks. Aerial roots are often included in his designs. He recently designed a Ficus microcarpa from rough pre-bonsai stock.

Ficus microcarpa at the nursery in Florida, 2011

Ficus microcarpa showing inconsistent pattern of aerials, photo Dustin Mann, 2011

Dustin adjusted the left side aerials to be consistent with the right sided aerials.

Ficus with aerial roots adjusted to similar angles, 2011

In conclusion, all aspects of a bonsai design should contribute to the overall effect. Aerials are just another aspect that must be consistent with the rhythm and pattern of the tree.


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