Ficus Techniques : 85

Ficus Fusion To Create A Banyan

by Tobie Kleynhans

"I admired this large native tree of Ficus thonningii growing not far from my home and collected 7 aerial roots from the mother tree in about 2004. Two years later, after the aerials sprouted the roots were screwed together allowed to grow together and fused to create a single trunk.

The fruits (syconia) are borne singly or in pairs, have minute hairs on their surface and a very short or no peduncle. The leaves are naturally quite large but I am able to keep them to 25mm/1 inch in size with proper bonsai care."



aerial roots
Aerial roots awaiting new foliage sprouts and later fusion

Ficus styled
Tobie's bonsai fig

Fig's branching detail
Detail of the fused bonsai trnnk and branching

Tree being admired
Tobie's studying the mother tree's trunk

Trunk detail
Trunk detail

Aerial roots
Massive aerial roots on the mother fig

Syconia/fig with hairs and short pedicel

Leaf is large
Leaf is fairly large

small leaf in culture
Leaf reduction under bonsai care is impressive



My friend and bonsai artist and teacher Tobie Kleynhans from George South Africa sent me this wonderful article on his fusion project with a Ficus.Tobie states that the bonsai is quite realistic and I have to agree that it is one of the best fused figs that I have seen.

Congratulations to Tobie for another excellent bonsai creation from admittedly pretty unusual and humble beginnings.



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